G. F. McLaughlin, LLC. Wilmington Delaware


Complaint: I contracted with G. F. Mclaughhlin to renovate my basement. My troubles started when their hired contractor found duct work in the living room wall they were opening up and he called Gene to come over to look at the situation. After coming over, Gene said he would be back after he talked to his people to determine the cost to move the duct work. When he came back, I was told the work would cost $1053.00. Gene told me this was his cost and insinuated that he was doing me a favor by making this offer. I, of course, believed that he had already added a customary up charge for handling the work. Either way, I took it to mean that was the cost for the work In Totality. When I received the final bill, G. F. McLaughlin, LLC. had increased the $1053.00 to over $1100.00. When I e-mailed Gene to complain, he explained the customary up charge. When I reminded him of our discussion in my living room, Gene said he would removed it, but when the second billing arrived, he had not. My next complaint with the final bill, involved the billing of $290 for dry wall work clearly associated with the moving of the duct work. This is due to the fact that when Gene came back to inspect your HVAC people’s work and saw what they had done to the dry wall, he said to me that “He was going to make his hired contrator to pay for that damage””. As far as I was concerned

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Address: I was covered by the $1053.00 figure Gene gave me as the cost of the move. When I reminded Gene of all this and that the $290 for the dry wall was never discussed and was not billable according to the signed contract

Website: involved the newly installed ceiling lights. After their hired contract electricians arrived with eight lights and installed eight lights

Phone: he still refused not once but twice

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