FuseMail Las Vegas Nevada


Complaint: We did business with FuseMail for a few months. when we decided the service was not what was claimed we canceled on their website. the website said the cancelation was correct and “we’re sorry to see you go”” yada yada yada. The billing never stopped. month after month the same charge on my CC. we were able to reverse the charge on our CC but now FuseMail has sent us to collections. crazy! we called FuseMail yet again and patienctly told them about our predicerment and how it must be a mistake. They just said there is nothing we can do

Tags: Internet Services

Address: you need to deal with collections. Wow! such willingness to screw over people. they are well aware of our cancelation yet they just keep billing us. what a dishonest business model. do yourslef a favor and pass on these guys. its also a red flag that they keep changing their name every other year. total crooks.”


Phone: Internet USA

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