Franklin Perna


I was scammed by someone who claimed to be in the army in Mali Africa and "fell in love" with him online on facebook. I ended up sending him $500.00 to "come home" and had to send it to Nigeria to a different name; claiming I had to send it to a friend of his who was local and then he would get the money to add to his funds to come home. His name was Franklin Perna; this happened in October. and I did get the local police here in Rhinelander WI to do an "informational" report b/c they would not do a real police report b/c they said it was international. I also found a "real" —(I think) person named Franklin Perna online on an Airforce site and so I called the Airforce; went to the local Army and sent a report to Western Union (who I went through to send the money) and the IC3 for the FBI. He claimed to live in Arizona.

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