Family Pet Center Newport News Virginia Review


I bought 2 Welsh Corgi puppies from this store, the dogs are wonderful and in pretty healthy condition from what I can tell and the vet hasn’t said anything different! I purchased them on June 21, 2012 and was told that the puppies were AKC registered and they would get the papers from the breeder and call me when they came in! I just got the papers today August 14, 2012 and they aren’t AKC registered they are APC registered, and I was never contacted when the papers came in! I had to drive from Newport News, VA on two different occasions to get the papers! After getting home and seeing that the papers were not AKC I contacted the store and spoke to the lady that sold the puppies to me Annellajo “AJ”” Sharpe who is supposed to be the sales supervisor

I asked her why the papers were incorrect and she responded to me that I signed the papers saying they weren’t AKC registered

only to look at the paperwork where I signed beside where it said it would take 90 to 120 days to get the papers in not that they weren’t AKC registered! I then asked to speak to the store manager or whoever was over the sales supervisor and she had me speak to the owner Corine who wouldn’t allow me to speak at all

I was pretty much told there were no returns and she didn’t have time to speak with me about the paperwork…I didn’t ask for a refund or a return

I just asked why I was lied to about the paperwork and the registration on the puppies! She also told me if I had a problem with it to take her to court and not to ever some back into her store again

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