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I googled Escort radar detectors and the top hit (an Add) was from escortfactoryoutletstore.com | Their web site states they are an “ESCORT approved partner.” | I ordered a mounting kit for $17.95. It came promptly, free shipping. A small metal mount and four little plastice suction cups…as expected…but it came in a leatherlike black bag, which probablly cost $10. This was not shown on the web site. | I called the official Escort company who tells me that this factoryoutletstore is NOT in any way related to or with Escort, and that had I ordered the same thing from them, the cost would have been $14.95. | I called the factory outlet store and complained to no avail. This was a bait and switch deal, and I think I was overcharged for the dumb black bag which I did not order. They promised that the supervisor would call me. It never happened.

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