Exalted Fountains Florida Review


Do NOT buy from this company!! I wish I had taked the time to read the other reviewer’s post about this company before I had purchased from them. This was such a complete headache and nightmare for me from beginning to end. Firstly, it was nearly impossible (took me 2.5 months!) to find an installer for their fountains. I spent over $3500 for two fountains with this company. I had NO IDEA it would be next to impossible to find someone who would install a fountain that was not their own. I finally found someone through my builder who called in a favor and paid TOP dollar for the installation. When the fountain was delivered, I had to hire a forklift driver to get the thing off the truck. Two attempted deliveries later, here it sits for two and a half months while I called every fountain/garden/landscape contractor in town to beg someone to install. Jeremy insisted we inspect the fountain at delivery, which was a huge red flag for me, but NO truck driver is going to sit there while someone unpacks these fountains–they’re on huge pallets, weigh thousands of pounds, and are wrapped in wire. It took an hour to fully unwrap once my installers were there. Then, to my horror, the base was broken in several areas. I couldn’t believe that after waiting two + months to have this installed, it was broken. When I contacted Jeremy at the company, he was willing to help only if he could get the money back through the shipper, which, since it took someone so long to install was too late to file a claim, even though I had written on my delivery receipt that I was unable to visibly inspect, due to timing issues by the driver. I managed to order a base through a local company in my hometown. All I asked Jeremy to cover was the cost for the base, and I emailed a receipt for him. He stopped responding. I informed him that the local concrete company informed me when they saw his base that they are not made properly and would never last. They use rebar and chain in their product, which makes the joints weak and they will eventually crack. Shoddy products, don’t stand behind their product. Do not use this company and find someone IN your hometown to buy one through who will install your fountain for you.

187 East Warm Springs Road Las Vegas, Nevada USA



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