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I have been shopping through Ebates for years now and have run into multiple problems. The main problem that I’ve been having quite a bit lately would be transactions that are not showing up. I know that I went through Ebates to make a purchase and while shopping can see the ‘Ebates Cash Back’ banner at the top of my screen. But, when I login to check my cashback, there’s nothing there! And this seems to be happening much more often with purchases over $1,000. So, I’ve written to them and given them the store I shopped at and the order number and date/time. And you can see that I went through Ebates to that store at that time… But they still insist that I did not make a qualifying purchase. I believe this has happened about 4 or 5 times now and I forget at what point I stopped reporting. I have a website with advertisers and know how this works. Even if you just click on the link to go to a store through them, you can make a purchase (for some websites) up to 120 days later and Ebates will still get paid a percentage of you’re purchase!!!! For a company that is making millions that people don’t even know about, you would think that their tracking and customer service would be stellar! Instead, they’re just ripping people off. It’s disgusting how much money they make off of us (they’re keeping most of the profit on YOUR sale and your money) but then they have to scam us to and say we didn’t make a qualifying purchase when we did. Thanks so much, Ebates! You just made a couple hundred off me again and I didn’t get my measly 30 bucks! Forget trying to get $1 back! Shop through the smaller blogs that need the commission to try to make a living! .

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