Dsm Supply, Llc Review


I had ordered some things from DSM Supply among which was $162 of Biofreeze. The latter was not delivered. I finally called them and asked them about it. They claimed they did not know it was not delivered and said they would send it right out and it would be here by Friday. I waited two weeks and called again. same thing. They said it would be here by Friday. I waited two weeks again and called. Jessica answered and said she did not know what happened. I asked for a refund. She said she would process it immediately and it would post in 3-5 days. I checked after 2 weeks. still no refund. I called back and talked to Jessica. She made no apology jus tuntil I expressed my frustration in this company, just the same ol excuses. She said she would do it this time. it really appears as if they purposely do this hoping the customer will not notice and they get money for nothing. It seems like a scam system to me.

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