DoubleTree By Hilton Portland Maine Review


This affects everybody who has or who will stay at this hotel. The General manager and housekeeping depts are so dysfunctional it affects the entire hotel guests. The assistant housekeeper stole rolling papers from a guest!!!!! The general manager was brought into it and swept it under the rug. She also admitted to doing drugs and would fail a drug test. Guess where she is working now? That is correct, in YOUR rooms!! IF she got away with it once, guess what? NTHING is safe in your rooms or safe! The head housekeeper was let go for going over the GM’s head to the hotel owners in an attempt to bring the hotel up to Hilton standards and was fired within moments of going into work the next day. Let go….for doing her job! The GM then brought back the old assistant manager of housekeeping, whom he rejected as head housekeeper saying she wasn’t ready to fill those shoes. When she was let go by the new (now fired) housekeeper, she was hired on by the GM as desk duty. The GM stated he liked to keep her around so he could look at her. As much time as he calls her into his office, I’ll bet more than just talking is happening. 😉 The housekeeping staff now reports to work with a schedule that only lists the start time. NO END TIME! NO BREAK TIME! One newer Supervisor is beng targeted by the rehired (not ready for the job, but she looks good) housekeeper. All incentive prgrams have been removed and the GM has backed that up. Why will they want to clean your room to the best of their ability if they have no incentive? Hours have been cut to 3 or 4 hours a day and days cut from 5 to 3 or less. All this from the missing inventory needed to bring the hotel to Hilton standards to no incentives to no hours makes for a crappy room for you to stay in. BUT it gives the GM a nice fat bonus for all the money he saves the owners. And if that isn’t bad enough, want to guess what he does to the dining budget? Big fat bonuses there as well. Somebody needs to follow the money…..and not the people that are sent in monthly from the owners. Obviously they are getting a cut or the owners would be well aware of the cuts being taken in all depts and how unhappy their entire staff is. Nobody dares to say anything for fear of what happened when the head housekeeper dared to speak up. They all have families and need the jobs as crappy as they are. Don’t stay here if you vist this area. Its is a terrible hotel going downhill on a very very fast ride with zero breaks. Until some big changes are made, or the owners wake the heck up, this hotel is not worth the money you will spend.

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