Donatos Pizzeria Complaint


At about 7:45pm on Sunday 10/07/18 my husband and I went in this restaurant. A girl waited on us at the counter. I ordered 6 boneless garlic wings and a side salad. My husband ordered a medium pizza with sausage. mushroom and pepperoni. They brought my side salad right away. Then my husbands pizza came. My order of boneless wings didn”t. The girl at the counter was the same one the brought the pizza. I asked about my wings she said the were coming. I ate about 4 bites of salad and found a hair in it. My husband said his pizza was doughy in the middle. After about 15 minutes I went up and asked about my wings. The girl said they made a mistake and made traditional wings and the reorder would be ready soon. about another 5 minutes went by and the girl brought me regular bone in wings with a different seasoning than what I asked for. All I wanted was 6 boneless garlic wings. I was so hungry I just ate them. Then my husband had pizza left so I went to get a to- go one was at the counter or in the back. After 7 minutes of standing there, 2 people came in from the back door. I love Donatos but they lost a customer. I had a simple order that was screwed up and the service was lousy. I also want to add they were not even busy at the time we were there.

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