Dominion Management Chciago Illinois Review


Extremely unprofessional management company. They accused me of staying in the apartment an extra month because the door was locked. I turned in the key to the super for the apartment building per the management companies suggestion. Instead of contacting me to ask for the key after my lease was complete or using their master key to open the door, they kept my security deposit. It makes no logical sense. The staff at this company are disorganized, incompetent, and dishonest. I can’t even sue them because their contracts have intensely unfair terms. If you sue them, regardless of the judge’s final decision, they can charge you for their legal fees(this includes the amount you win from them). Even though I have proof that I wasn’t in the country for the extra month they charged me for, there is absolutely nothing I can do because of the unfair lease. They use legal jargin to protect themselves from absolutely any legal repercussions to their criminal acts against tenants.

200 Madison Avenue New York, New York United States of America

(212) 685-6500

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