DFW Roofing Solutions Irving Texas Review


DFW Roofing Solutions came by my home today and offered to pay my home owners insurance deductible. When I told them sure why not. They said, well you will need to sign this form charging your insurance an inflated price and then the deductible would be paid out of that. I called my insurance agent anyway before signing and the salesman took his business card away and said I’m sorry sir, we can’t help you. My insurance agent said. “If you would have signed this and pulled this scam against us

we would have prosecuted you for insurance fraud”” Yeah

that’s right

it’s Fraud to charge your insuance company bogus charges or charge for work not performed and keep the money. I went to check out the website www.dfwroofingolutions.com and was surprised to see it’s under construction and there is no further information. My advice to those looking for a roofer in DFW. Do not use a company that can’t be verified and knocks on your door instead of you calling them. I don’t know

why criminals need to knock on your door and ask you if you would like to committ fraud today?”

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