Delta airlines Dulles Virginia Review


Good evening, My kids and I were traveling from Atlanta to Johannesburg SA Monday jan 9th -jan10th when about half way through the flight I felt a sting. I went to the restroom and noticed a red mark on my left inner thigh. I told the flight attendant and was told it was probably a mosquito and I thought it could have been. Around 11 pm that night I noticed my leg really started to hurt more and more and red mark was getting larger. I went to the embassy medical unit the next day however they were already closed so I went the next morning (Thursday) I was told it was a bite from a highly poisonous spider or something else. I had to return the next day and they cut it open to allow the infection to drain. I was under their care until Wednesday 18th when I was sent to a surgeon who admitted me to hospital and operated the next day. I was released on Friday 20th I was seen by the dr again on Saturday an Sunday and on Monday (today) I had the bandages taken off and I saw for the first time the massive hole that was cut in my leg and which went at least 3.5 in deep. The dr said it looked like a brown recluse. I have surgery again on Thursday 26th and the will remove more tissue and try and staple my leg with a drain tube inside. I contacted delta 3 times and have yet to have someone from corporate office to even say “sorry””. I wanted to know how often they spray that plane and to how me the records. It could have been my small child and it could have been fatal.”

Po box 20858 Atlanta ga 30320 Atlanta, Georgia United States of America


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