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Complaint: Dear Consumers, If you thought taking your vehicle to the dealer for repairs were safe from thievery…BEWARE! Here’s the scenario. I took my SUV to DARCARS Mitsubishi for a simple repair that was under warranty. To my disbelief, I noticed (before I left the lot) that I was missing two books of CD’s that holds approximately 35 CD’s and the 10-disc magazine (the insert) to the CD changer was missing from my SUV. To top it off, the slim-ball basically broke my CD changer to steal my CD’s. All he had to do was take the d**n CD’s out and leave the changer intact. But No! This fool detaches it and takes it apart from its original case and tries to unscrew the mountings. Now, I have to replace the whole radio or find a changer that’s compatible. Not only was I robbed of 80 CD’s and now the proud owner of a broken radio, DARCARS made me pay $90.00 to cover the repairs that were not under warranty! Ain’t that a B*#@%? I am so frustrated by the treatment I have received from DARCARS Mitsubishi. The Service Director, Paul Jones seems very unconcerned by this matter. He informed me that when I dropped my SUV off for repairs I signed a waiver. He claims that the night deposit slip that you sign for DARCARS to service your vehicle has a clause that relieve them from any responsibility to any material that is loss or damaged. BULL! If feel that this is an unfair clause for customers. You basically have no choice but to sign the slip! That’s, if you want them to honor your warranty for repairs. I need help! Calling All Contract Lawyers and Legal Ease… Is there anything I can do to hold them accountable? Who knows how many people this shop has victimized? I would greatly appreciate any assistance to this matter. Berni Bethesda, Maryland

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Address: 12511 Prosperity Drive Silver Springs, Maryland U.S.A.


Phone: 301-622-7000

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