CVH Homes Inc. Delaware Ohio Review


Do not consider using CVH Homes Inc., George Gomez aka Jorge Gomez when trying to secure a rental home in Orlando, Florida. We found this guy online. We sent him a $250 deposit via Square (a debit that hit my 5th/3rd Bank Account) and provided to him my Credit Card number to be used 7 days prior to our arrival for the final payment. On our drive to Florida (from Ohio) we called to tell him we were two hours away and we needed the codes to get into the house. He advised that he had already rented to house to someone else because we never paid the final balance. Note, we had given him my credit card number for the final payment. He said he would find us another house that was comparable. We waited for a few hours and never heard from him and called him back. He said he would call us back in 10 minutes. After 40 minutes I found another home with a reputable company. We called George Gomez aka Jorge Gomez CVH Homes Inc., and told him not to bother looking for another home and that I wanted my $250 deposit back. George said he would return my $250. The next day there is a charge on my Visa card for $1056.00 that George submitted. According to George he found us another rental home but we never received the details (address and codes to the home). I did some detective work and found out that this second home he charged me for he also rented to someone else for the same days he supposedly rented it for me. So he has been paid twice for the same home for the same days. It has been two weeks now and I have yet to receive my $250 deposit or the $1056 he charged my Visa. George did tell my husband that if we wrote him an email saying we would not dispute the charges with Visa that he would send us a certified check via FedEx. My next steps are to dispute the $1056 with Visa, contact the Florida’s State Attorney General and Sheriff. I will be contacting my bank about the $250 deposit made via ‘Square’. Please BEWARE.

8701 West Irle Bronson Highway Ste 106 Kissimmee, Florida USA



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