Consumer Real Estate Finance Co. Review


In February I contacted the company in reference to qualifying for a USDA Home Loan. I was told that I would qualify and given a prequalification letter so that I could start searching for a house. On February 9, 2015 we signed a contract for a house and paid the $1000 Earnest Money Deposit. Over the course of the next month we provided multiple documents and expected the loan to close in April. The loan would move to Underwriting and they would wait several days to a week to tell us there were “unmet conditions” and they asked for additional documents as well as documents that we had already provided. Now we have been to Underwriting several times and again today they come back with “unmet conditions”. As a result of this inexplicable delay the seller has now cancelled the contract and I am left without a house and I have spent $2390 in deposits, inspections, appraisals, etc. and I will not get this money back. I find myself without a house, without my $2390, and with an expiring lease so we will be homeless in June. This company does not work for the consumer and does not deliver on what they promise. .

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