Conservice Utility Management & Billing Complaint


Below is a recent email from Conservice to my apt complex in San Diego, Ca admitting they have faulty equipment leading to incorrect billing. They actually replaced our meter two months ago, and it”s still out of whack. Our bills have fluctuated every month for the past 3 months: $45, then $81, then $48. What”s more they don”t bother returning the calls from residents, they just sent this email to our management expecting them to do it. Pure laziness. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good Morning: In collaboration with your Corporate Ancillary Department, we wanted to make you aware of a trend that we are seeing with the water sub meters in your apartment units and the potential resident questions that may follow. As you may be aware, there are remote readers attached to the water sub meters in your residents units. As required by law, these remote readers are in place because your watersub meters may be positioned higher than what is easy for the resident toread. The reader provides a duplicate digital display of the actual meter dial, which allows the resident to know what their meter is reading at any given time. These readers are beginning to fail over time. In the months prior to the failure the remote reader begins to slow down and the readings are actually lower than the resident is actually using. Eventually, the readers fail completely and register zero usage. When this occurs, the water sub meter read will no longer report into Conservice and then we know itis time to replace it. We have been replacing these remote readers during our quarterly maintenance visits. The resulting effect of this process is that your resident was likely receiving a lower than actual usage read on their bill in the few months prior to the replacement. Once were place the reader, the following months read will be actual usage and may be higher than what the resident is used to. In addition, we are moving into the summer months, which is typically a time when the resident is using more water due to the summer season. Your residents may question the accuracy of the reading since is it higher than their recent readings due to the failing remote readers. You can assure them that it is indeed correct! They actually gota break over the past few months, and are now paying for the water they are actually using. We would encourage you to utilize our Customer Service Group by phone at [protected] or by email to [protected] to answer these questions for your residents. We have all the data at our finger tips and can answer their questions in detail. In addition, in most cases, we can provide the resident with a day by day usage report of their meter, so they can see that it is indeed operating correctly. Please let us know if you have any additional questions regarding this or any other concerns. — Xxxx Conservice Xxx Team Lead/ UAG Team Lead

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