ConceiveAbilities Review


This company ConceiveAbilities allegedly providing egg donors. They post woman on their website that never went through medical screening to qualify them as a donor. They enroll everyone in their program, call them donor but the donor’s do not even fall within the interpretation of the donors. It’s like buying a car without an engine. They charge you upfront money for a “donor” when in fact the woman was never checked if she is fertile at all or qualified to be an egg donor. The team will never pick up the phone. Their website shows photos of many staff and differerent location but the website is misleading from A to Z. They post beautiful women on their website that they hire from craigs list and do not screen them medically. They charge $17,000 and then you will find out that the donor you chose cannot be a donor and herself needs a donor due to medical issue in her reproductive system. I suggest you stay away from this company. There are so many reliable agencies that are recommended by american reproductive association and ConceiveAbilities is not recommended by them or by any known IVF medical facility.


Name: ConceiveAbilities

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Chicago

Address: 2 N. Riverside Plaza, Suite 2150

Phone: (312) 379-5700


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