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Colombian Emeralds International staff lied to us about our Diamond Engagement Ring purchase. When we received the ring, it was not the diamond we selected in the store and the diamond was cracked. We immediately had it appraised (by an Independent Appraiser) and it appraised for much less than expected. We contacted the store and received a run around. Contacted Customer Services and was told that we were not the only ones that had encountered this problem. We were asked to return it to Customer Services for resolution. nReluctantly, we returned it to Customer Services (Sarah Restrepo) and several weeks later, we received a stone that was much smaller, of much worse quality, inclusion in the center of the stone and cracked. This issue has been going on for more than two years and Colombian Emeralds International has told us that they have no intentions of resolving this issue to our satisfaction. We attempted on several occassions to speak to and communicate with Mr. Steven Crane, owner of Colombian Emeralds International to no avail. nMr. Crane recently had to answer to the courts and is now taking the position that although the store said Colombian Emeralds International, it was not one of his stores–he claims that it was a Combine International store using Colombian Emeralds International’s name. We are posting this in hopes of helping other innocent consumers. You are referred to Colombian Emeralds International while on cruise ships as a reputable place to make a jewelry purchase–it is not. We are ripped off, defrauded and mad in Maryland. We are currently in court fighting this issue. nAfter our first court hearing, I contacted Combine International in hopes that they would assist in resolving this issue, after about two weeks of working with Stephanie (the owners secretary), I received a call from her informing me that she cannot work directly with the customer. She said that Colombian Emeralds International could contact them and I reminded her that Colombian Emeralds International has already informed us that they had to sever their ties with Combine International because they were doing “bad business”” and that we had been fighting this issue now for 2 years. Stephanie was no help

the owner of Combine International like the owner of Colombian Emeralds International (Steven Crane)

also won’t contact us. We are still unable to get this issue resolved and are now planning to file a claim of fraud in both the Florida and Michigan Courts. nAs a result of our Maryland Court Case

we have become aware of some additional company names and would like to suggest that buyers avoid Colombian Emeralds International

Combine International

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