CL Asia Review


People need to know if you are looking for good sushi don’t go to CL Asia In Daleville (Roanoke) on 2 occasions that I know of, they have been called out for selling things like imitation crab and fake salmon sushi. The owner, Yuan Chen, despite being called out, swears that all the ingredients he uses are real. It’s impossible tho, as there have even been tests done to see what the salmon and crab actually are. The “crab” came back fake and so did the “salmon“. The salmon was a completely different fish! Other dishes here like General Tao’s and Orange Chicken are also suspect. They use the lowest quality chicken that they can possibly buy. Some pieces might not even be chicken! They try to cut corners and save as much money as they can. This place first opened around 2010 and they used to have good quality meats and good dishes but now, they are almost rock bottom. | Save your money! | People also need to know the owner, Yuan Chen, is a strange and creepy kid. There have been many girls that have went to CL Asia and after their visits, an odd Facebook friend request from Yuan Chen will show up. This kid stalks people who write reviews on his CL Asia Facebook page and also searches for girls on Facebook that come to his restaurant. On atleast 3 occasions, people have posted on Facebook warnings about Yuan Chen saying he is creepy. A girl commented and said he creeped her out and also creeped out all her friends. She had went to CL Asia once and Yuan Chen sent her friend request(s) on Facebook . She ended up blocking him. Well, this Yuan Chen kid showed up randomly at a birthday party she had posted about on her timeline and asked her “why did you block me”? Yuan Chen is creepy. His restaurant isn’t good anymore and uses fake ingredients and fake ingredients can possibly make you sick. You don’t know what you’re eating! Yuan Chen is a kid to ignore and act like they don’t exist. So is his restaurant CL Asia. Just ignore CL Asia and go to another restaurant around the area!


Name: CL Asia

Country: United States

State: Virginia

City: Daleville

Address: 36 Kingston Dr

Phone: 1 540-992-2299


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