Circuit City / Crossroads Roanoke Virginia Review


I’ve been a regular business customer of Circuit City for years or since I have been in business in 1988. I’ve purchased on a regular basis many items for my business and received tax exempt status on the merchandise for my business. Last night when I tried to purchase a lap top computer to be used for my business, I was told I could not get it tax exempt. I told them I had always purchased merchandise for my business from them and I understood what could be eligible for tax exempt or what couldn’t and I planned to use my Visa card to pay for it. They told me then, that I could get tax exempt providing my credit card was listed under my business name only, and not in my name, or I could pay cash and fill out a affadavit to the fact that the computer was solely used for business purposes only. I then told them I had a tax exempt status form filed with them, if they would only look it up. They did so, and then went on too say, they could not allow me to have tax exempt. I told them I had purchased thousands of dollars in merchandise with them tax exempt and for my business and what was the big deal now? They told me that they were just following company policy. Meantime; I was very upset over the way they treated me, and the fact I had done business with them since 1988 and they treated me this way. I told them I would take my business elsewhere and told them exactly where to take the computer and put it. They lost close to a $1000.00 sale, but this didn’t seem to effect them whatever, they went on like, oh well? another down, so be it, who cares, we don’t.nIn my view the store is over rated, and the “kids”” or what they call their sales associates

they have playing around trying to run it

don’t know their tales from a hole in the ground. There I said; it….. and I most sure there are a whole lot more customers feel the same way as I do. Its ridiculous here I am over 50 years old and have a wet behind the ear kid trying to explain the in’s and out’s of something I darn well have known alot longer than he/she has. Hire some senior citizens who at least may have some sense about them. nLindanRoanoke


Valley View Blvd. Roanoke, Washington DC U.S.A.

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