Circuit City Atoka Tennessee Review


I too was ripped off by this company and I will never do business with again, they ploy very unethical business deals by offereing rebate’s and not following thru. nI was sent an email with the $200.00 off plus and instant $120 off on an Acer laptop. I could not order online as this was not an option, so I went to the Store with the email (still had to go to manager) paid full price minus the in store rebate, also purchased the wireless netgear router, and the all in one Lexmark printer. Filled all the paperwork out and mailed rebate in, recieved response 12/10/2007 stating I purchased at a invalid location. NO OTHER OPTION WAS GIVEN BUT TO PURCHASE BUT IN STORE! nOver the past few years I have purchased big screen HD TV’s and other supplies, never again. nGood luck Circuit City, also same owners own Carmax they also are now on my Black List. nThey will be following COMPUSA and closing the doors if they keep this up. nJerrynAtoka, TennesseeU.S.A. Memphis, Tennessee U.S.A.


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