Christopher G. Manuel Richmond Virginia


Complaint: Christopher G. Manuel, plain and simple, is a con artist and felon. He has a ton of criminal charges, but the incident that me and 15 other innocent individuals was involved in is as follows: Manuel set up a fake company. I say fake, but as far as the company and tax info, it was legit. It’s what he was doing and using it for that was a fraud. He set up shop in the Virginia Employment Commissions offices, where for a month or two he interviewed many people, but “hired”” me and 15 others. During the interviews he had everyone fill out the tax forms

Tags: Bad Check Writers

Address: an odd practice but going through the VEC everything seemed on the up and up. A few weeks after interviews he holds a meeting in the VEC’s conference room with all the employees. His new start up company would be opening a week from then and we were to all report to the new office building on the start date. He went over company info and introduced everyone

Website: floors were being jack hammered to run bathroom drain lines

Phone: etc. It was a pretty elaborate and planned out con apparently. Two weeks went by working for his company

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