Chris A Gucci seminole Florida


Complaint: Chris use to live in Clearwater FL and Largo FL beware of him he will live with you and steel from you. His dad Name is Thomas Guth both of him has been in jail or prison a number of time for drugs or other crimes. Chris has riped of his last roomate and his roomates mother and father to suport his drug habit He seemes like a sweet guy hes 23 a good looking guy do not let is looks full you he will rob you and your friends he has a lot of Druma in is life. Be care full on the ineter net he will you on the ineter net or on line stuff. or dating sites. just becouse they look good does not meen they are a good person look up pinellas county jail web site you will see him in jail a number of time.

Tags: Drug Dealers

Address: Lakeland FL Lakeland, Florida United States of America



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