Charleston Auto and Electric


Charleston Auto and Electric HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE North Charleston , South Carolina!!. I quoted $307.50 for the cost for the repairs for my vehicle which was not true, it was the cost due to “Ben” the owner charging me a diagnostic fee of $75 per hour(which he charged for 3 hours) instead of the one $75 fee(which was initially quoted when I dropped my car off on 3/11/13) without calling to me get my approval. Went to pick up my vehicle on 3/12/13 because I was told that it would be ready by 4pm on that day only to find out that it wasn’t, the wrong part had been ordered, thus my car remained in the same state that I took it to them. “Ben” advised me to take my car home and when the part came in he would call me. I was not happy with all the misleading so I decided not to take my car back, asking for a refund(because my car wasn’t actually fixed)in which “Ben” declined. The part to my vehicle was only $28.36 and labor was only $79.87…so why was I billed $307.50….ALL BECAUSE OF SO CALLED “DIAGNOSTICS”….BEWARE THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!!!

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