Chapman Chrysler Jeep Complaint


BY FAR THE WORST EXPERIENCE WITH ANYYYYYYY COMPANY I’VE EVER DEALT IN ANYTHING. Where to begin? Well, I called about a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel that I seen online. It was priced O.K.! So I got with this JARON guy and he started all my paperwork to get financed for this truck. Well, after dealing with this guy for 2 days, he then had his day off ( the day the papers were being finalized ) and got me to start dealing with Tommy Smith. Well needless to say, all the paperwork was completed and I put $5, 000 down on this vehicle and financed the rest. The truck was listed on their website at a selling price of $26, 262. When the paperwork was drawn up, I noticed that the price they were selling the truck to me was at $28, 664. HMMM!!! RED FLAG! So I then started to ask Tommy how the truck priced has changed and his reasoning was Bank fee’s, Dock fee’s, Service fee’s, & dealer fee’s. Besides the “BANK FEE’S”, I thought to myself, the other fee’s should fall under “DEALER FEE’S”! Well, anyways, I decided to go along with purchasing the truck anyways because I figured its probably normal ( since I haven’t purchased a vehicle in 5yrs and Never in the state of NV ). So next I sign all the paperwork and get approved for the truck to be picked up the next day. Well, I was called to go to work out of town, so my Father-in-law was going to pick up the vehicle for me the next day. Well, he picks the vehicle up the next evening and is proceeding to drive home when 5 mins after picking it up from the dealer, the temp guage runs ALLLL the way to HOT and overheats the truck! Guages start flashing, check engine light is beeping, so on and so forth. As he pulls over to assess the situation, he notices the truck was hot at all and it was just a malfunction of the guages. No biggie, so he proceeds home. He calls me and I call TOMMY SMITH and let him know the situation and he said bring it back MONDAY ( after the weekend because they were swamped in service dept. ) and they’ll LOOK AT IT!!! Well, the next morning, my father-in-law decides to go out and check all the fluid levels in the truck. He finds that the radiator is COMPLETELY EMPTY!!! DRY AS A DESERT ROCK ( 2nd problem )! So of course he doesn’t mess with the truck after that. Well, the very NEXT morning, he was going to work and as he approaches his driveway, he notices LEAKING UNDER THE TRUCK streaming ALL THE WAY OFF THE DRIVEWAY ( YEP, 3rd problem ). So he goes inside and gets the keys to the truck and hits the UNLOCK BUTTON and THEN notices that the lights are only flashing on the Passenger side and not the driver side ( which is minor, but yet a 4th problem ) Well, Monday morning he brings the truck back to the dealership and explains to the “MANAGER” named VINNY about EVERYTHING that happened within only 10mins total driving time since leaving the dealership. VINNY decides to say “I’ll get on it RIGHT AWAY”!! Well, needless to say, NOTHING was done monday on the truck. I called and spoke back with TOMMY to find out whats going on with the truck and he swore he’d call me back in an hour or so with info on the truck. Well, needless to say, I didn’t here back from little ole TOMMY! So I kept calling and calling leaving messages after messages and I finally got a call back from Monday EVENING from yet ANOTHER MANAGER named ALEX. I told him I want out of this contract for the truck and he assured me that wasn’t possible but he’d definetly get on the guys to get the situation fixed in service dept. So I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt to fix the truck. Well, WEDNESDAY, I get a call back from ALEX saying to contact CASEY who is the “SERVICE MANAGER”. So I speak to CASEY about the truck and explain EVERYTHING that was wrong with the truck and he claims he’s the HEAD HONCHO of the service dept and he PERSONALLY looked over the from HEAD TO TOE and found out it was just a water pump that went out. He said he’d have the truck fixed and ready to be picked up in an HOUR and he’d call me to let me know to come pick it up. Well, 3hrs later, NO CALL! So I called back to the dealership and was transfered to CASEY and of course, I get his VOICEMAIL. Well, I call right back and ask operator to please PAGE Casey, she ( without knowing anything about what’s going on ), she ask’s if i’m the owner of the DODGE PICKUP and I said yes ( kinda confused ), and she told me CASEY was next to her and said the Truck is ready for pickup. So my father-in-law goes back to the dealership to pick it up and of all things, IT’S NOT READY!! WTF?? He waits for another 2hrs and he’s approached by yet ANOTHER MANAGER named VINNY who say’s the truck is ready. So as he hands the keys over to my father-in-law outside, he hits the ALARM button to find out that they DIDN’T FIX THE DAMN LIGHTS on the driver’s side. ANOTHER STRIKE! So Vinny goes get CASEY to view the truck and Casey claims he knew NOTHING ABOUT A LIGHT! WTF? I thought he PERSONALLY LOOKED OVER THE TRUCK and found nothing else wrong but a broken water pump? And then not to mention, I TOLD HIM TO CHECK IT AND FIX IT! HORRIBLE! So they RUSH the truck BACK into service to fix THAT issue. So now I call back to the dealer VERY AGGRAVATED AND P.O’d at this time. I ask to speak to the GM of the dealership! They transfer me to a guy named DAVID who claims he’s the ASSISTANT MANAGER! You see the issue here? Too many indians, not enough chief’s. So DAVID and I are on the phone and we go ROUND AND ROUND about not letting me out of the deal because they are FIXING the issue. If I had this much trouble with only 10mins of total driving time on the vehicle, I think I’m entitled to getting out of this deal. The finance company didn’t even have my paperwork yet, so that tells me they didn’t even file the papers with them yet. SO HOW COME I CAN’T GET OUT OF THE DEAL?????? Well, after a heated argument with DAVID while him CURSING AT ME and telling me to GROW SOME BALLS AND COME TO THE DEALERSHIP AND MEET HIM FACE TO FACE AND YELL AT HIM ( which i never threatened the guy for me to be threatened from him ) he decided he’d had enough and hung up on me. Well, at this time, he goes to the service dept where my father-in-law is standing with CASEY and he starts yelling at them saying ( and i quote ) “F THAT F’ING GUY, DO NOT FIX ANYTHING ELSE ON THAT TRUCK. GIVE HIM THE KEYS SO HE CAN GET OUT OF MY DEALERSHIP!! WOW! Real professional buddy!! So while that was going on, I called back to the dealership and asked to speak to the BIGGEST MAN ON CAMPUS, not just another “MANAGER”, but “THEE” manager!! I was transfered to JOHN who claims he’s the “ASSISTANT MANAGER” of the entire corp. I explain to this guy EVERYTHING that went on from the moment I purchased this vehicle and explained why I want out of this truck. He laughs and says to me “WELCOME TO CHAPMAN”!! What a professional right? He then tells me “THE TRUCK IS YOURS AND THERE IS NOTHING I AM GONNA DO TO OVERRIDE THE SALE OF THE VEHICLE. YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER SIGNED THE PAPERS IF YOU DIDN’T WANT THE TRUCK!! WTFF is going on with these people?? The incident and horrible service came AFTER the papers were signed. I wanted the truck! I wasn’t opting out of the deal because of buyer’s remorse or something! It was because the bottom line was the truck broke down 10mins after driving off the lot and you guys had it 4 months according to the CARFAX ( which they never gave me & I had to purchase it myself ) and not to mention their customer service skills and professionalism they CLAIM THEIR NAME UPON really just SUCKS from the head guy ( which seems EVERYONE is some sort of head guy ) to the lowest man ( which doesn’t seem like they have ). Who curse’s customer’s, give’s them the runaround, lies, deceives, laugh’s at, doesn’t fix what’s broken, etc…?? WHAT MAJOR NATIONWIDE CORPORATION DOES THAT? CHAPMAN, THAT’S WHO!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, IF you’ve read this horror story all the way through, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT do business with these people!! Its a crooked company! VERY UNSATISFACTORY!! I am going to file a complaint with the DMV and the Better Business Bureau on this company. Its a very poor company to do business with. They do NOTHING they promise they do except print the documents that make your experience one you will never forget!!

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