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I wanted to add to the metal building scam they run. I found an ad in craigslist looking for people willing to allow their car to be wrapped. They claimed it was for an ad campaign for Dr. Pepper. I drink Dr Pepper and thought it would be cool to have my car wrapped, plus I was going to make some really good money! I know…anything that sounds too good to be true usually is, but hey, it was worth the try. “Dave Cameron” the HR Manager informed me that I would receive a check in the mail and his instructions were to take it to my bank and withdraw $1650 and leave the $350 in my bank which was my first week’s payment. I was to take the $1650 to CVS and buy those little money cards (seriously??) and then email him the 14 digit numbers on the back of the cards. Well, at this point I was curious as to how far we could take this. I took it to my bank and told her I thought it was a scam. She was able to verify the account and routing numbers to be real and the bank was real. I told Dave that they put a hold on the check until Wednesday, he said to make sure and email him that morning. I once again emailed him Wednesday and told him I was still waiting for the bank to put the funds in my account. From here, I started getting texts from him. He asked me if I did not have enough to cover the $1650 so that we could at least get the payment to the wrap company. I told him NO. Then he said that was the the issue and I just did not understand how things work. At this point, I very kindly told him that I knew exactly how things work and the amount of money in MY account had nothing to do with HIS check clearing. I asked him if this was the point that I needed to order my metal building. :-O Gratification! Funny thing….after that, I have not heard from him anymore and the ad has disappeared from our city’s craigslist. I wonder. LOL

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