CashNetUSA – acting as


I received this email and numerous calls from CashNetUSA – – number below from a William Brown. Basically they were going to give me this loan for $8,000 – I had been approved (which I did apply for a loan through their website) – but I needed to give them a $200 itunes card – since they couldn’t take upfront money. Then I would get the $8,000. I tried to call them back today about it – and I can’t get ahold of them and the phone keeps ringing. I could hear yesterday that it was a call center and the number below came from Chicago, IL. I also got the same calls from Burbank, CA – 1-818-813-8798. They left the same messages as the other number. I call that today and it says the MagicJack company. And goes to voicemail.This seems like a scam and I wanted to let you know or let someone know this is happening…

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