b ripoff site Internet!!. dA fool and his money are soon parted” I puchased 2 HID lamps with an extended 2 year warrenty for an additional $20. I figured “what the h…; if they only last a short time I’m covered. I installed the first one and it died in 10 minutes. I changed it to the opposited side to rule out other problems and the same thing appened. When I contacted the company they said if the bulb lit at all it couldnt be the bulb, but for an additional $10 charge they would test it and replace the bulb if it did not light at all. After a few emails I realized it was a waste of time and money, and only more aggrivation to deal with these people any longer. Why throw good money after bad. I purchased a genuine Phillips bulb on EBAY, installed it and it has worked fine ever since. It is obvious the bulbs are junk and the company does not stand behind their product.

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