Budget Van Lines Review


Terrible, Terrible, Terrible – would give zero stars if I could. Avoid like the bubonic plague. I went through Budget moving (big mistake) and they contracted with Garrett”s (bigger mistake). They were a day late picking up even though I had an agreement with Budget for a firm P/U date, they called 45 min before they arrived instead of the day or two like I was told, and they messed up the paperwork. Delivery was delayed 3 days due to a broken down truck; I guess they are a one truck operation operating out of a trailer park (no surprise), they finally showed up, made me pay before they would unload and then became rude and argumentative when I told them they were 3 boxes short (including a wardrobe box with all my clothes). Anyway, they said call Garrett and took off; well trying to get Garrett on the phone — good luck, trying to get an answer out of him — super good luck. In any case, here we are a month later and no word, no call (again, no surprise). When I call about my missing boxes (about 6, 7 times now), they keep saying, “oh, I have to check with the warehouse” Really?? how hard is that??? I did fill out a claim form (mailed, because they couldn”t email because of the carbon paper they use) and they said it would take 90 days to resolve. Needless to say, not holding my breath. Overall, a horrible experience – they all talk customer service but don”t DO customer service, very unprofessional, a take the money and run operation. I would rather take a hammer and break all the bones in my hand than ever deal again with Garrett”s moving and storage

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