Budget Moving LLC


This company is down right horrible. First and foremost let’s start by saying this company previously known as NY budget Movers changed their name to just Budget Movers because they are corrupt and have terrible reviews everywhere (except the ones that are made up). They give a moving quote over the phone (which is higher than all other moving companies in the area) they phone estimate is no where near accurate. When they get to your residence they will have you sign the contract, load your stuff, close the truck doors and then adjust your contract by double of the estimate quote and being that they already have your items in captivity and you have no choice but to move because you’ve already gave up your lease and you’re scheduled to be in Florida in the next few days you have no choice but to pay or sleep on the floor and be naked upon your arrival to Florida. There is nothing legit about this company, it happens to every single customer, I’ve witnessed it.

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