Broker Price Opinion Keller Texas


Complaint: Realtor’s be careful it is a scam! They suck you in that you might get listing etc and they will pay you a little bit but they never pay you at all!!! They also never get you hooked up with getting a chance to list the homes. When I called about getting paid they said they were running about 90 day’s behind and really not sure when they will get around to pay. I saw another agent post here about noting getting paid my bad. I would have never wasted my time doing the work. Now, I will use as much time as I can letting others know as well as contacting all the address that I did to let them know someone is checking out their place in case they are a scam on them as well.

Tags: Realtors

Address: 8700 TURNPIKE DR. STE 300 WESTMINSTER, Colorado United States of America


Phone: 303-991-9919

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