Brittany Nicole Sindelar Trinity, Florida Florida


I have dealt with this crazy broad for long enough! It all started 4 years ago, prior to my husband and I getting married, when he and I separated for a few months. He began dating this girl, and I was dating someone else as well. Well, we both soon realized that we wanted to get back together and work things out. I mean after all, we had been together 8 years already and had a gorgeous daughter together. So like any individual that has class and a heart would do, we ended the relationships with the other people we had been seeing prior to us getting back together, and that is when things went from great to holy hell! || It began with her non-stop texting and calling trying to get him back, and then it escalated to her claiming a pregnancy. When she was asked by us to show any proof of the pregnancy, she was conveniently not around anything that would prove it. Then one day out of nowhere, we get the text saying she had an abortion and we wouldn’t hear from her again. I thought to myself,”Finally, this crazy chick is out of the picture”, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! || Fast forward to now, 4 years later, and she is still sending my husband FB requests, messages, finding out his cell number every time he changes it, and any other crazy things you can think of. We have both asked her repeatedly to back off, leave him alone, and just move on, but apparently she doesn’t understand simple English! I have now had it, so I decided to enough was enough. The other day as we were sitting in bed watching a movie, she sent him another FB request using a new FB name and profile. Well, I had found out her phone number awhile back and saved it for the day when Karma finally gave me a reason to use it. This was the day, I could feel it. So, I texted her from my number pretending to be my husband. She proceeded to go on and on about how much she missed and loved him, and how he should make time for a booty call or date with her before we move out of state. This all came with several photos of her that I have included below. She then proceeded to ask him to come over that very same night, not even 3 hours after the texting began. I made up an excuse saying that he couldn’t because his truck was too loud and it would wake me and our daughter. She then replied with,”That’s ok, I will come to u!” So, what did I do? I let her take the bait. Hook, line, and sinker! I told her where to park, what to do, and to text me when she was on a certain road so”he” could come out. She again fell for every line of it. || I walked out the side door of our home in a hoodie, track pants, hat, and sneakers. I was honestly ready to just jerk her out of her car and knock some sense into her. I jogged down the street to the corner where I watched her pull into the street and exactly where I told her to park. It is now about 5am, so I acted like I was just someone jogging through our neighborhood. I jogged right up to where she was parked, and walked around her car to her window. I pulled my hood off, and tapped on her window. I said,”Surprise sweetie! Did you miss me? Oh and by the way, you haven’t talked to my husband at all tonight. You have been talking to me the whole time. So I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that you drove to our home, where we not only live with our child, but we sleep as husband and wife every night, to sleep with my husband! I bet your mother is really proud of the whore she raised because you doing this shows you have no class or self-respect!” Like a coward, she couldn’t respond. She just had the look of”Oh shit!” stamped across her face because she knew she had been caught. She quickly drove off, but not before I got her plate number and a good description of her vehicle. || I ended the night by sending her one final text letting her know that I know where she works, lives, and hangs out along with what she drives as well as the plate number. I let her know just what I thought of her being a whore, and having the audacity to come to our home to sleep with my husband right under my nose! I also told her that if she contacts him EVER again, I will spend all of my time making sure her life is a living hell! So watch out ladies! This one is straight Looney Toons! I have been dealing with this for 4 years now, and honestly I know it only a matter of time before she tries again because she is that damn stupid!

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