British Polygraph Testing Review


Paul Bramley who fronts British Polygraph Testing is a complete AMETEUR and best avoided. | He hasnt long been a polygraph examiner, under a few months and is already lying to try and get more work, he claims he has 6 years experience, ask him for a copy of his APA certificate (if he still has one) and this will show you when he qualified. Another of his quotes is he has done over 1000 tests which would equate to 4/5 years work for a normal examiner. | He has already been reprimanded for bringing the profession into disripute by using the polygraph inappropriately on radio and making up the results, something a real examiner would never do. He also quotes accuracy rates that are way to high of 98%, out of the hundreds of studies only one backs this up ! | Choose who you work with closely and get all the facts before hiring someone, let this ROOKIE earn experience on someone else, if you do use him insist on a copy of the charts and send them for verification to | com”>[email protected] as Paul claims to be mentored by this instructor. Getting a second opinion on your charts is essential, if he refuses to release the charts to you then there is a problem, if you have been tested by him and arent happy make a complaint to the American Polygraph Association who will do a free investigation [email protected]


Name: British Polygraph Testing

Country: United Kingdom

State: England

City: Loughton

Address: 40 Chigwell Lane

Phone: 2032256021


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