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brake check Hockley Texas!!. Just bought a 2018 silverado Z71 from a dealer and bought a lift and wheels for it, tire guy says take it to brake check for the alignment it’ll be $60. I didn’t bother looking for reviews, it’s just an alignment. I get there and said James sent me, he questioned that, I should of known better right then. Acting manager Joe said it’ll be a four wheel alignment $69 once or $149 for a lifetime; it’s a 4×4 so I might use the lifetime. After an hour and a half I aid by credit card and left with a steady pull to the left. A few days later brought it back for them to make it worse. Next day brought it back and they tried to sell me on some tie rod ends BS…I said no the truck was new. Left the third time hearing a popping, turned around and put it in front of the rack, talking s*** I demanded to watch. Once on the rack and lifted it wasn’t hard to tell the wrench monkey left the upper control arm loose…I was pissed. Watched them straighten everything and tighten everything I left with a steady pull to the left and the steering wheel is crooked. Next time I may need bail.

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