B&R Stables Review


BUYERS BEWARE! Tammy Burruss of B & R Stables aka BRFlatshod misrepresented the horse we purchased! You will see reviews all over the internet we are not the first. | We purchased the horse sight unseen. We asked for photos and videos which we recieved. All photos and videos where taken at a distance and at an angle we could not see the scar? We had a call right before wiring the money, point blank, “Anything we need to know? Any marks or anything wrong with the horse?” The horse shows up and we ask her about this scar and she says “the horse got caught in a barb wire fence about a year ago and his leg works fine, no tenden damage.” I told her, I asked about any imperfections etc and you said no, I need you to take it back, you mis represented this horse. She says her contract says no returns. I said, a contract is only as good as the people that sign it and you are a liar and misrepresented the horse condition so a contract signed by you means nothing. | Dont ask me why I would do such a a thing, but I told her, “I would pay for shipping and she could give me my money back and she said no. She said, “You pay for shipping and I will find you another horse.” I told her, “It was my mistake to buy a horse from you once, now I am not going to do it again? I cant trust you! You lie, so how am I going to know what I am getting a second time? You dont tell the truth?” | There are many other horse traders or even better horse breeders out there. THe above is our experience and it apears we are not alone when it comes to dealing with Tammy Burruss and her B & R Stables. I hope this helps you better find your new 4 hooved family member. |


Name: B&R Stables

Country: United States

State: Tennessee

City: Shelbyville

Address: 2412 TN-10

Phone: 931-224-4010

Website: www.brflatshod.com/

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