Boxelder Consulting & Tax Relief Review


After I have been pushed around, punched in the face repeatedly by the IRS and vendors for two years, I finally decided to reach out for legal help. Enter: a very clever Facebook advertisement. I responded and received a very fast response. Albeit vulgar and unorthodox, I bite on that which appears to be solid aptitude from Tom Conrad, who claims to be a attorney expert in IRS litigation. I explain that I am in extreme financial distress. He agrees to take my case and assures me that I will experience immediate relief. I agree to pay a $1000 retainer. This isn’t easy to compile, but I do it. Unfortunately, it’s two days after I agree to send it that I am able to fund two separate prepaid credit card accounts from which to pay this. The response is nothing short of the worst intimation I have ever received. Unfortunately, that which should have scared me, didn’t. I paid it, being so accustomed to caving to intimidation by now. His aggression towards collection was easily 100x more than that of the IRS. More than the government ever pursued payment, Boxelder Consulting began a full-court press. | I was immediately between a rock and a new and impossibly hard place. Full of fear from two sides now, i paid the $1000 retainer. Desperately, I thought that the relief I was promised was forthcoming. Instead, I have found myself under more pressure than ever before… by my own legal counsel, no less. Rather than the help which was offered in the initial consultation, I received more solicitation for retainer fees. This time, in the form of accounting services. Before I received that which accounted for a single ounce of service, I was already on the line for another $4000+ in CPA services. Although this was broken up into four payments, this wasn’t easy for me. Very often, Tom Conrad or his staff would contact me to gain payment. If I didn’t respond that very day, their words became abusive. As if I wasn’t scared enough by the IRS, my hero, my legal counsel served to make matters incredibly worse. Currently, I am out of the country, attempting desperately to revive my business after multiple devastating events. I have no phone service and very limited access to my internet, yet I received one email from Tom Conrad asking me to respond. | When I didn’t, two days later his employee, Mason Turner wrote me to terminate my relationship with their firm. They took $1286 of desperately needed funds to defend me. Did nothing. Then fired me. Things can look awfully dark when you are up against the wall of the IRS. And yes, we’ve probably caused this ourselves. But, when we retain a law firm to defend us, we expect that things will improve. Please, trust me when I say that hiring Boxelder Consulting will do nothing, NOTHING to improve your situation. On the contrary. Vastly. You will be lightened of crucial funds which could be used to pay your obligation, absolutely. But so much more importantly, you will be bombarded with more pressure and collection to which the U.S. government would ever condemn its citizens. I cannot urge you enough: perform your due diligence when retaining a law firm to defend you in any situation. There are far too many predators who are far too eager to capitalize on your misfortune. Tom Conrad and Boxelder Consulting are no exception. They are the rule.


Name: Boxelder Consulting & Tax Relief

Country: United States

State: Colorado

City: Denver

Address: 1355 S Colorado Blvd, Suite C-502

Phone: 303-317-6111


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