Boozshi, LLC.


Scam artists shawn campbell boozshi llc posing as a music executive in la, using savannah scott as his assistant, i obtained a judgement against them 10-12-2016 16vesc02462 $ 1610.00, shawn promised to do a social media campaign for me, on 6-16-2016, two weeks into the campaign i noticed nothing was done, i contacted he and savannah, i got an email from shawn saying he was sorry he was completely overwhelmed and unable to complete the task. He was working with dylan’s capital deal and also with alesia cara’s team, he offered to give me a full refund, i got nothing but empty promises, i got several calls from people who said shawn did the same thing to them, he is even saying that this mother is sick and he is loosing his house, he was evicted.

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