Blue Green Resorts/Pono Kai Interval Owners Association granby Colorado Review


Typical timeshare routine. They bait you in with low fees. Tell you its an investment…something you can gift to your children. I was 25 when I bought the unbareable headache that is nearly impossible to be rid of. “Gift to your children””…no its burden gets left to any heirs when you die…meaning if you owe backed fees

your heirs get to pay for it. So when I leave my kids a car and some camping gear…cuz I am not a proud owner of an estate by any means…they will get to pay whatever I may owe to this scam. Timeshares are a multi billion dollar industry that is corrupt to the core

but has so much lobbying power that they get left alone by our government. My fees are nearly 1000.00 for our one week that we own at the Pono Kai managed by Blue Green Resorts. Your payments never go away

and always go up

and there is no way out. Bankrupcy isn’t even a sure way out. Being current and trying to pay someone to take it is nearly impossible also. You are locked in for life unless you can make a victim out of another sucker and get them to take it from you.”

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