BJ’s Auto Spa


When I brought my truck into BJ’s Auto Spa for an oil change I received a “free” car wash. When my truck was “ready” to be picked up the driver’s side seat was broken. I brought it to the manager’s attenton promptly and asked him to look at the damage. Noway, the manager looked at the seat, tried to fix it and said it must have been that way when I brought it in. I could not believe the tone, manner, and rudeness that came from Noway. Rather than admit to damage and try to work with me on a resolution, Noway decided to lie to my face and preceded to walk away from me. I left the car wash and called the main number to try to speak to the owner but was given some “bogas” number to the corporate office. It’s one thing to be unprofessional, but at least don’t damage other people’s property and expect to get away with it! Chi-jenny Glendale, ArizonaU.S.A.

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