Beyond Beauty Boutique Review


On May 8th I went to Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, NY and was stopped by a sales girl “Kim” (Beauty Boutique kiosk/pagoda) to give me a “free sample” of cream for my eyes. From there, she told me the product was $399 and I replied that was out of my price range. Then she spoke to her “boss” and said it would be $299. No transaction was completed on Monday, she just took my contact information. She informed me to come back two days later to see her boss for a “free” facial, however, it was only a consultation. | She called me Tuesday to make sure I was coming. The minute I got there Wednesday I told her I almost texted her to cancel everything because I was too nervous and couldn’t afford the $299. As I arrive Wednesday she introduced me to “Tony” who was in charge and he proceeded to take me to a private room to talk to me and I told him that if this was going to cost money I didn’t need to stay. | His next move was to show me all exorbitantly expensive products ($1,500 and up) and told me to keep our conversation between the two of us and not to worry. His high-pressure sales tactics, and being completely isolated alone with a shady salesman, made me feel uncomfortable –when he wouldn’t take no for an answer — I informed him the most I could do was $1,000 (including the $399). I thought this was well-established between the two of us. | Here is when “Tony’s” UNETHICAL and ILLEGAL behavior begins. He NEVER told me a total price for the products and he didn’t hand me the RECEIPT directly, he sneakily put it into the bag with the products. Clearly I NEVER would’ve signed the receipt had I known the total price!! | I drive home 2 hours and immediately received an e-mail from Discover that I had a $3000 charge (which they viewed suspcious since I never make purchases for that much.) After seeing the e-mail from Discover I immediately called “Kim” up and she was “very upset” and told me her boss would call me back — to wait by the phone — and I never received a call back. I called her back and told her that he didn’t call me back and she said again he would call me and wait by the phone — he never called. | I also talked to “Tony” and he said he was going to “Hawaii” and would fly back Wednesday “just for me”. “Tony” also gave me his cell number, I called and he never picked up. So I decided to return to the store in person this Monday (4 hours driving in terrential downpour) to return the products. “Tony” was there and looked very surpised to see me. This was the first evidence of him telling me an OVERT LIE. | He told me he couldn’t do a return on the machine for me, directly where the order was processed. He also told me his “boss” was very upset with him and was going to fire him and intimadated he was going to be sent back to his “country”. All of the things I said to him, he had a rapid fire rebuttal to gain my sympathy. | To get me out of the mall, he informed me that I could go to the physical store in Manhattan to return the products (bear in mind this was not where I made the purchase). He said he was going to write a long e-mail explaining everything and that he’d call me Monday night. After returning to my car (and being upset I drove all the way with no solution) I decided to dial 911 and informed the police of the situation. The operator informed me that this “wasn’t a police matter” and to deal with their managment. One lie after another from “Tony.”. | He calls me Monday night and said it couldnt be done and offered “out of his pocket” a $1000. He told me to think about it and talk to him the next day. Tuesday comes, and since then he hasn’t answered ANY of my calls. So a last ditch effort I decided to go to the Lexington Avenue brick and mortar location. I went there and they said their invoice numbers are on a different system and “Teddy” made some phone calls and gave me a number of his manager “Sheron”. | I call her and she replied someone will call me. No one ever did. I call “Sheron” back and she replied the boss was very busy and that he would call back. I kept calling her back from my cell (she knew my number) and she NEVER picked up. I proceeded to call her back from my landline and she picked up and was surprised when it was me. | She said she would call me back in a few minutes, and NEVER did. This has DOMINATED my life for days: waiting for calls that never come, calling “Tony” and “Sheron” who just keep lying and trying to stall (and hope I’ll just disappear after the 14 day exchange period elapses). | I feel I have no other recourse than to expose this unethical “company” in a public forum, in order to force their hand to take action in this matter! | Here’s what NOT to do with these people: | 1: NEVER and I mean NEVER go in the backroom with one of their salesman!! | 2: NEVER and I mean NEVER sign ANYTHING on their computer screen without knowing the price up front! | 3: NEVER and I mean NEVER leave the mall without reveiwing the receipt thoroughly!


Name: Beyond Beauty Boutique

Country: United States

State: New York

City: New York

Address: 669 Lexington Ave

Phone: (646) 666-0541


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