Best Buy Shelby Township Michigan Review


I ordered a tv on Black Friday (November 26, 2010). When I ordered it, I was asked by the website what day I would like to have my TV delivered. I chose December 2, 2010. I did not receive my tv that day, I did not get any email notifying me that there was any issues, nor did I receive any notice that it would be delayed. I expected perhaps it would arrive on December 3, 2010. Again nothing. I checked the order status on my account and it states “Order line status is not available.”” I called Best Buy customer service on December 4

2010 and after LITERALLY 1 hour on hold

I finally get a person who tells me that she has to reschedule the delivery to December 11

2010 and could not explain what had happened. I asked to speak to a supervisor. “”Floor Supervisor Michelle”” picked up and had one of the worst attitudes I have ever seen in all my life. Not only did she yell at me

she had the audacity to tell me that I wasn’t charged for my purchase. She claims that Best Buy had a hold on my money but hasn’t charged me. After she didn’t want to deal with me anymore

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