Ben Hunter Review


This is Ben Hunter, | After carefull thoughts I came to a conclusion thatís the man that describe my house is an actual an old business rival that is trying to sabotage and tried to sabotage in many ways my well being and Source of income. | I feel sorry for this man Couse all he is trying to do is live the past and not move on like every one should do and the war for him to try to insult me is going like a coward against a women that never did anything wrong !!! | Shame on this kind of behavior but I wonít be dragged into this kind of nonsense and stupid actions. | Real people donít say harsh words like that witout solid proofs !!! | And just for the fact he is hiding as a little midget and think that he can use the web as his play ground to trash Pepole will never prevent the fact he is a drag and alcohol addict who live as a low life and for the fact I feel sorry for him I wonít describe personal items that will put him into shame | About his family. | I wish him all the health in the world and that god wonít pay him back for his horrible actions that he did witout think twice on the effect that this can generate for some. | I am more then happy to be proven wrong in my e mail and say Iím wrong. | But real people who have the ability to say such horrific words should be able to back it up with solid proofs


Name: Ben Hunter

Country: United States

State: California

City: Camarillo

Address: 2565 Alhambra Court



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