Battery Systems Review


I purchased a battery for my 4 runner a few weeks ago, and within days, started to have starting issues again. My mechanic tested the original battery, and said I needed a new one. I go to battery systems and spring for a top of the line new battery Within days, I stated to have the same issues again. | Intermitant starting problems for low voltage. I assumed, because the battery was new, it had to be something else. After checking everything else, and spending more money, I break down and pay my mechanic to come by and check the system again. Guess what? 2 of the 6 cells are dry, and of course, low voltage. | Here’s the bigger issue. I feel stronhgly I was intentionally screwed. When batteries leak, they would know it. After the guy installed the second battery, I asked him if he checked the voltage, and he said yes. I didn’t see him do it, and I was there watching him the whole time. | I figured he checked it before, and wrote it off. He didn’t he knew the battery was limp wristed. Why do I know this? Because the counter guy, and the Hispanic installer both had extremely bad attitutes towards me. Why you ask? I wear a Trump hat. | Maybe they are not Trump people. 2 turds in a row are beyond the laws of probability, both with the same problems of leakage. 2nd’s? Rebuilds? I will be going back tomorrow after filing a complaint with my attorny, a see if if get a 3rd turd.


Name: Battery Systems

Country: United States

State: California

City: Garden Grove

Address: 12322 Monarch Street

Phone: (310) 667-9320


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