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Complaint: This trip was the best and worst decision I have ever made. The plant medicine was amazing. But Berry and his “Team”” left a lot wanting. I figured I would get the VIP treatment with him. Since most places offered a place to stay and food along with the medicine. Not Mr. Cooper and TripToWellness. Barry claimed that the other places didnu2019t know how to treat people properly. Because I have been a long term fan (I have seen like all his videos and have been a fan for a long

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Address: long time.) I believed him. I really donu2019t regret going but it’s pretty clear that Berry does not know anything more then the rest. Probably knows less. When you ask him about the science he gives bull answers about it not mattering understanding that and he does it all by feel of the situation. The guy has only been doing this for a few years and has only probably treated 12 people. Even though he claims it is a whole lot more. When I left he forced me to write a review and threatened to charge me more if I didnu2019t. In the end he pretty much wrote it for me. Since I didnu2019t get to write the review I wanted I am here now trying to let people know. DONu2019T go see BARRY COOPER

Website: Puerto Vallarta, Other Mexico

Phone: he doesnu2019t know what he says he does. That being said

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