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Bally games Scientific Games Profiled me for assault and malpractice Internet!!. This company had a fitness club in the same former town region I was in and they have made the impression that they are a health club to people I am familiar with, in the midst of spending leisure time in the current town I am in, they had revealed the premiere of “BETTER OFF ED”. And all of their games mind you are a scam as most video gambling machines, not displaying full view of the slot reels, excluding all of the cards on the screen at all times etc with an internet connection for an ethical hacker from American Vending to cyber bully you while playing. The credentials of the program are hidden at the link involving a local police authority complaining themselves that the jurisdictions from investigating the matter are blocked in several other ways! I have contacted several injury attornies and the company sexual harassed me instigating that “better off ed isn’t allowed near playboy” after profiling me to recieve head wound injuries from gaming employment after receiving severe dental malpractice at a local mall considering neighboring vending. In fact an online association from playboy closed down and forfeited their gambling licence and I believe bally should do the same because machines made that way should be put on government recall as unfair and defective because that is fraud to leave in production with state funds. Upon the recent discover of a local State Representative, the first African American to represent the 60th, deceased in the possible process of their game programming and developement, had discovered a in the network connections they have at their tech support url adresses during the wake of discovering the name of the mayor of San Francisco where the first slot machine was manufactured as a new invention, Ed Lee who passed away. To this day video gambling distributed by bally in general extorts the same method of business fundraising to distribute in bars with low payouts, false advertising and hidden odds before money is spent. The company has promise in no way shape or form to the public, on gaming website or at any venues or locations with their inventory to guaranty their fundraising to open a casino the entire time fabricating the history of the first slot machine invention

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