BabyHaven Complaint


Apparently it’s impossible to cancel an order in this site. I brought baby gates through amazon but the seller was actually babyhaven. I tried to cancel the order on the same day but couldn’t through amazon. So I had to send this site an email and they basically wrote back and said that they will “try” to cancel my order. Not surprisingly they didn’t cancel the order and when I try to return the item for a return, I was told that I had to pay for shipping which was going to cost $34! When I called their customer services, they were rude to me and basically told me that I shouldn’t order something that I was going to try to cancel later. This site is ridiculous and should be out of business. I tried to ask to speak to a supervisor and the customer services rep wouldn’t let me! This is the worst site ever and I will never never order a single item from them again.

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