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I had recieved a breast pump as a gift, when i whent to use it was missing some things so my mother whent to return it. when she got to the store they gave her another one in replace ment. after I recuparated from the birth of my son I decided that I wanted to return the pump because I did not use it or need it, it was in new condition I never opened it. nI went to the store with the item and the sales check that mom had given me. nI gave the item to the cashier and the sales check mind you she was on the phone with a friend as she was doing my return and never acknoledge me, when she finished with her conversation she told me that she could not return the item because it had been checked as being return in the sales check. I explained to her that my mom had exchanged the first one and that this was the sales check they had given he. nThe manager then came and told me the same thing so I explained to him that I did not realized what they have done in the other store because my mom had exchanged it and this was wwhat they had given her. His response was that he did not know if this was true and that he did not know where I had gottern this Item from. I told him that it was from my baby registry and he told me well I don’t know that. I reminded him that this was not the first time he had done this to me and that it was really upsetiing to me becuase I was registered and I said to him that if I came there with no receipt that they would had given me a store credit or exchange it for something different and hes answer was no we don’t do it for everybody. nSo I asked him who are the people that you do it for and his answer was just certain people. That made me very upset since I am spanish I felt discriminated. And I tell you why I say this. nRight after my baby shower I returned some things at this store and I did not have the sales check for one item. It was a baby carrier everything else I had a sales check for. The cashier called the manager and it was Mr. lance and he told me that he could not return it because I had no proof of purchase and I told heim that it was part of the items that I was returning and he refuse to do it. nBut before all this he had returned some items for another person with no problem or questions asked and they gave her a store credit and she had no proof of purchase (she was white) but when it came to my turn he refuse to do it so now I know I was discirminated because the same thing happened to me again, with the same manager. And before I forget when Mr. Lance advised me that he was not going to return the pump as I was walking away to go and get my husband and my son at the formula department, Mr. lance acknowledge me by sayin excuse me the door is that way and pointed to the exit and as I was going to let him know that i was going to get my husband at back of the store he interrupted me and told me again the exit is this way. nWell at this point I got very upset and I told him what I thought of him and how dear speak to me in that tone of voice and sarcasm. I knew where the exit was and we when back and forth as I whent to get my husband. As we where walking out Mr. Lance had his back towards the store and was telling his co worker that he did not care if I made a complaint about him that nothing was going to happen anyway. Then as we got closer I told my husband who was the person who was so rude and when Mr. Lance say my husband with me and my 1 month old baby he just got quiet his face turned red and did not say a word to me. And mind you my husband is (white jewish). onece he saw him he kept very quiet and did not continue. nI think that is very sad to know that people could get away with this. I made a complaint to there corporate office they called me back to ask me some questions and my information and told me that I will be getting another call for someone to speak to me about this incident but its been more then a week and nobody got back to me. Now I do not go back to this babys r us store. I go to another one it is out of my way but I rather shop there where I am not being treated as if I am different from other people just because I am spanish. nI am most upset because I did not get a call back from this company I guess they don’t care to lose another customer. And I go to the other baybs r us becuase is hard for me to find lactose free milk from similac for my son. But as soon as I find a store where I could get this milk for him at any time of the day I will stop shopping at BABYS R US. I don’t want to continue giving my money to a store that doesn’t care about their customers. nMaritzaneast windsor, New JerseyU.S.A.

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