Autobody fit


Autobody fit Have sent me broken parts twice and still haven’t replaced with new parts. Addison, Illinois!!. I ordered over 700$ in autobody parts and waited over the estimated ship time which is fine. Then it got to be over 20 days so I call. Then they tell me the parts arrived which then those parts were banged around but i needed these parts so i delt with it, but one got lost so i can’t get the others till the shipping company receives all of them. Meanwhile I’m without a car because these parts are fixing it to be street legal. Finally after 4 days past that I received the last part which still wa really banged around very noticeably so I declined it and called the company to claim this broken part they said ok leave it with them and once we receive it we will send you a new one. At this stage I’m very very calm I have a large threshold of patience. So I waited and waited I called a week later they still haven’t received it. I made this order on the 12 of july and not till aug 14th did they tell me that they recived it. And only by me calling not once did they contact me. No emails or anything since the order confirmation I have everything saved. And every time I’ve called I’ve been on the phone for over 20 mins before I got off hold. And I called once was on hold for 25 mins forgot I was on the phone put it in my pocket and was startled to finally hear a voice asking how can I help you. I called everyday since tuesday, excluding Saturday and Sunday and each day they said its going to be sent out today. I’m so fed up and I can’t do anything because they are in Illinois and I’m in long island NY. And everytime I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor they always said he’s not in he’s not hear. Call back in 30, 45mins an hour and still nothing!!! I can’t take this, and no one else deserves to go through this also. This has to be rectified and justice must be done. Haha. I really don’t know what else to do besides BBB, and bad mouthing them.

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