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I did a Military move from Pleasant Hill MO to Salem VA. Arpin Van lines was responsible for moving and unpacking my household goods. During the unpacking I was finding numerous items damaged or missing. I made note on all the inventory sheets and brought it to the attention of the unpackers. For example I have a table that seats 10 it uses two leafs to extend the table. One leaf support and end piecs were ripped free damaging the table and making it impossible to use. The supports on the chair legs were all broken. It looks like the boxes were stacked on my table. This amoung other items totalling an estimate of 10, 000. Arpin sent an estimator to my home who did a report and took pictures. End result this is over 4 months and a check of approx 1, 100.00 dollars in settlement. All my calls and emails have resulted in Rosemary Enos Claims Manager, telling me that all my items can be glued or taped. In short I paid 1200.00 for a table 2 years ago that was like new, and will now be glues and jury rigged. I have a 67′ projection TV that was used for the kids to play games on (Xbox 360) that now is non functional. I had water damage and so much broken glass that it was a hazard to my children. In short the company has decided that my 10, 000 claim is worth 1000.00. I contacted the claims manager who simply told me that it was not her concern take the money. If you must do a move Use anyone but Arpin!

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